Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thoughts on Canon Rock, teaching guitar and youtube

Nice piece of rock lead guitar music. The tab is easily found online as well as backing track and plenty of videos in youtube. I recommend funtwo version over the original Jerry C version. It is more musical, the performance is better, and the fingerings and arrangements on the funtwo version make more sense than what Jerry C uses. I think that Jerry C overcomplicates things, specially the sweeping arpeggios. 

Despite of the difficulty, my intermediate students seem to enjoy the challenge, maybe in part due to the fact that the song was hugely popular on youtube. So, my recommendation for fellow guitar instructors is to pick challenging guitar songs that are popular in youtube. You will be surprised to find that students will be more willing to take on the challenge of learning the songs.

Hello Everyone

I want to discuss everything about modern guitar here. I will give tips regarding learning the instrument, as well as my opinion and reviews about different brands, effects, amplifiers, etc. Hope to see everybody around here.